Adams Land Co
1805 E 3rd St. Leachville, Arkansas 72438
(870) 539-6314

The Road To change

Boe Adams changed the way farmers interacted with cotton gins. How? He was very open about sharing rebates with farmers and often said, "We will do one thing and do it right." Boe also invested millions of dollars in center pivot systems to irrigate cotton farmed on his land, which he leased to cotton farmers. Because of this, Adams Land Company quickly became one of the largest farmland owners in the state and home to the most technologically advanced gin in the world. By early 2000, Adams Land Company owned more than 30,000 acres in Mississippi and Craighead counties in Arkansas and Missouri bootheel.

The Inspiration Behind Adams Land Company

Boe learned from business giants like Sam Walton and Jack Stephens and from that, became one of the state's most successful business leaders. Meeting Sam Walton through Walton's children in basketball and having Stephens tutor Adams when they both worked in insurance influenced him greatly.

In the first year of Adams Land Company gin's opening, it processed 63,000 acres of cotton and ginned 123,000 bales of cotton each year. In past years, after an especially good cotton crop, it has ginned 187,000 bales of cotton. They do not charge farmers for ginning the cotton because it keeps the cottonseed. It also helps farmers market their cotton to Allenberg Cotton and previously to Dunavant Enterprises who is now out of the cotton business. Allenberg buys all of the cotton ginned at Adams Land Company, which is shipped around the world.